About Us

About the Company

A Greater Outdoors LLC is a family-run company that focuses primarily on providing solutions-orientated products for outdoor enthusiasts. As avid hikers, campers, and fishers, we look for any excuse to escape into the wild spaces that lie outside our cities.

Founded in Utah, near a handful of world-class fly fishing streams, A Greater Outdoors focuses on improving three main things for outdoor enthusiasts: ease of communication with others, safety, and keeping the outdoors clean. We do this through the types of products we develop and sell, but we also donate a portion of all of our A Greater Outdoors products to Trout Unlimited.

While only a few products were available at launch, we have more products already in production and even more ideas yet to be rolled out. We hope that one day we'll have a noticeable positive impact on the quality of time you spend outdoors. Whether you love to hike, camp, fish, bike, snowshoe, ski, kayak, boat, hanglide, or just wander, we want to be a part of your adventures.

About Jeff Rivera

Jeff Rivera is a husband, father, an avid outdoor enthusiast, and a wannabe pro pinball player. Living just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, Jeff, his family, and his golden retriever, Ridley, can often be found roaming across the Western United States in search of the perfect campsite, willing trout, or thrilling hiking trails.

As a lifetime member of Trout Unlimited, Jeff believes that conservation is extremely important and works hard to spread the word about responsible use of our public lands. One of the main reasons A Greater Outdoors was started was to create products that encourage more responsible angling, hiking, and camping. With children of his own, Jeff is hoping to hand the world off in as good a shape as possible to the next generation.