Stay Fly Wading Sock
Stay Fly Wading Sock
Stay Fly Wading Sock
Stay Fly Wading Sock
Stay Fly Wading Sock

Stay Fly Wading Sock

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On a warm day, there's almost nothing better than wet wading through your favorite stream. For us, especially on a drift boat, "waders" are a dirty word throughout summer, but we could never quite find the perfect wading sock for wet wading. So, like any crazy group of fly fishers would do, we made the perfect wading sock.

The Stay Fly Wading Sock is great for traditional wading (inside a pair of waders) or for wet wading. And unlike traditional wet wading socks, the Stay Fly socks stay up as you walk through brush, through heavy currents, and from hole to hole.

With an adjustable and stretchy strap, the Stay Fly Wading Sock stays put all day long. The socks cover the entire calf, helping to protect it from scrapes, leeches in the water, poisonous plants, sunburn, bug bites, and your own clumsy back cast (feel free to blame the wind).

Product Features

  • Adjustable strap
  • Durable neoprene construction
  • Formed to left/right feet for extra comfort
  • Saves your legs from scratches, leeches, and stinging nettle or poison ivy
  • Prevents sunburn
  • Adds cushion to any wading boot
  • Available in short and standard sizes

Size Recommendations

Either size will work for most, but it is recommended to purchase the Short sock if you are under 5'4".