Fall in Your Neck of the Woods

Fall is truly a magical time. It comes around every single year, but is never anything but spectacular each time. We asked some of our readers to submit some pics of fall in their area, and we had a good response. Thanks to all who submitted pictures, and we hope everybody is having a great time in the outdoors before the weather forces many of us to hole up through the winter months.

While you're out, make sure to have a camera on hand to capture the colors, the wildlife in transition, and changing weather.

Western New York - Linda Yates

Columbus, Ohio - Dagmar Wolcott

Ozark Mountains, Missouri - Karen Lacey

Huntsville, Utah - Jeff Rivera

Fishlake National Forest, Utah - Jeff Rivera

Endless Mountains, Pennsylvania - Charlene Miller

Mascot, Tennessee - Cody Hensley

Upper Susitna, Alaska - Ben Wilson

Iowa City, Iowa - Susan Lafler





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