A Greater Outdoors is Here

It's been a long time coming, but A Greater Outdoors has finally launched. I spend a lot of time outdoors, whether I'm with family, friends, or am making solo treks into new or familiar areas, I'm most at home far from any town or city.

As I've spent time hiking, or most often fly fishing, across Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, California, Washington, Montana, and my home state of Utah, I've had incredible experiences in our wild spaces. Along with these experiences, I've noticed that a few small problems could be solved with a few simple solutions. It's my hope that through A Greater Outdoors that those problems can find their solutions.

The I Went Fishing Upstream/Downstream Magnet is the first product to launch that was developed in house, but more are in the works and will be rolling out soon. As those products launch, that focus on everything from helping to reduce litter to improving safety during outings, we'll work hard to continue to find innovative solutions to problems that men, women, and children face on the trail or along the river.


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