9 Bags of Trash in 20 Minutes

It's rare that a full week goes by that I don't get out and fly fish, hike, or spend a night camping, even in the middle of winter. This past Saturday was a perfect day to get out and fish. The temperature was in the high 50s, there was no wind, and it was a cloudy day. After a quick movie with the wife and kids, we headed up the canyon to get riverside, but we weren't there to fish. More on that later.

Northern Utah's Weber River is a true Blue Ribbon water with plenty of public access. Despite heavy angler pressure, this stream produces high numbers of brown trout, rainbow trout, mountain whitefish, bluehead sucker, and cutthroat trout (thanks in huge part to Trout Unlimited's tireless work). The high numbers of fish and anglers have an unfortunate side effect: the Weber River attracts a lot of litter.

trash on the weber river

As someone who probably fishes the Weber at least 100 times a year, the trash I have seen really wears on me. I try to pack a little out every time I go, but the sheer volumes of trash overwhelms those efforts. Everything from cans and bottles to sytromfoam bait containers and discarded pieces of clothing are along the bank and riverbed. And it's not just the Weber River. I see it everywhere I travel, some places better than others, some worse.

All this trash inspired one of our upcoming products, the BIO (Bring it Out) Bag, and my wife, my kids, and I were up on the Weber this past Saturday to test out one of our prototypes. After five minutes, I was happy with the bag's performance, but my kids wanted to do more. We had a few grocery bags in the car, so we spent the next 15 minutes filling them. We stopped because we ran out of bags, not because the trash ran out. In 20 minutes, and in a stretch of river only about 200 feet long, we filled NINE bags.

garbage at the weber river

We can't wait to get the BIO Bag launched. Not only will it help keep our spaces cleaner (more on how it works when we get nearer to launch), but with each bag we sell, a portion of the profits will be donated to Trout Unlimited. Until that day comes, however, we hope that maybe you'll pack a piece of trash or two out at the end of your next outing.

We can do better. We can create a greater outdoors.

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